Camila Alonso

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Today we want to introduce you to an elite triathlete, do you want to know who it is?

This is Camila Alonso, @camila.alonsoaradas, an elite triathlete who is experiencing a new stage with one of the leading national teams.

This is what Camila told us after her first year as a member of the University of Alicante team.

This first year at the UA went very well for me. The training environment, my coach Rober and both the facilities and the weather are ideal so that it is much easier to go training every day. In these months of training with the team I feel that I learned more than in many years and I was in a very good situation in all three disciplines, all before sending us home because of the state of alarm. I could not prove to myself and others the good work done so far, but surely in a few months I will be able to do it.

I chose this team because considering all the possibilities, it was the best option. I was with my boyfriend Luismi, I joined a great team with a lot of level, a coach with a lot of knowledge and the weather and the university add up.

Rober and the whole team welcomed me very well, there is a good harmony between all of us who make up the team and in which each one has a role.

My workouts are very different from what I was used to doing until now, now I work by intensity zones and by work time and not by km.

I am very happy to be at the UA.

If you want to know more about it, you can continue reading the short interview we did for our blog:

  1. Reference athlete

Flora Duffy and Javier Gómez Noya

  1. Favorite place to train

Right now Alicante. It is a city with good weather, with facilities nearby, good bike routes. I just miss a flat place to run, we always run through the terrain with the occasional climb.

  1. Before the triathlon what sport did you practice

Tennis first, swimming and athletics later.

  1. Pre competition breakfast

Oatmeal with yogurt, banana, seeds and honey and a coffee or toast with cheese, avocado and there was and a coffee (coffee is never lacking)

  1. Hobbies in a competition

Do my braids, always wear 2 caps for the swimming segment and clean my glasses 50 times when I’m at the starting line.

  1. Something that is never missing on your trips to a competition

Clothes more “by itself” jaja

  1. Do you try to cut meters in swimming training?

No, I like to do the full training. I don´t do too  much either.

  1. Best mark in a 5k and 10k

In the race I don’t know, in a 10k of a triathlon I did 35´15´´ and in another I was faster, but since it was poorly measured I don’t know the exact rhythm, series between 34´ almost 35´.

  1. Have you ever cheated in a competition?

Jajajaja, no, I like to be legal.

  1. A word that describes you

Many…. Impulsive, competitive, impatient, determined, optimistic. Luismi told me how brave.

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