Claudia Rivas

Today we have a new interview. Today we cross the sea. An elite triathlete, do you want to know who it is?

She is Claudia Rivas, @claurivss, an elite triathlete who is a reference in her country. Born in the city of Valparaíso, México.

Perhaps for you she is a great stranger, but we have been collaborating with her for 2 seasons and we are proud to present her and share some of her curiosities with you.

Next, we leave you the interview we did for the blog.

  1. Reference athlete

My reference athlete is Serena Williams

  1. Favorite place to train

Guadalajara, Mexico

  1. Before the triathlon what sport did you practice


  1. Pre competition breakfast

Fruit, cofee and some bread with jam

  1. Hobbies in a competition

I check even before I leave that my bike is properly positioned and nothing has moved

  1. Something that is never missing on your trips to a competition.

My bike

  1. Do you try to cut meters in swimming training?


  1. Best mark in a 5k and 10k

In the 5k I have a time of 16.50 and in the 10k I have a mark of 35.0

  1. Have you ever cheated in a competition?


  1. A word that describes you


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